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International Guide: Customs

Do not get caught up in the worries of moving, instead allow to organize your move and you can begin to concentrate on plans for your new life. It is also strongly recommended that you allow the professional movers to pack all your household belongings as these will be traveling a long distance for a period of time and various modes of transport may be used from trucks to ships and planes and trains. Movers have years of experience on how to pack valuable items to protect them for these types of trips. See our Packing Guide for useful information if you insist on packing these items yourself.

Few important points:
  1. Ask your international moving company if any documents will be needed by customs in your destination country such as titles, insurance certificates and bills of sale.

  2. There may also be restrictions on the quantity and type of goods you can bring in to the country and your mover will be able to provide answers to these questions.

  3. You may also contact the local embassy of the country you are moving and they will able to answer any questions on customs and their specific requirements.

  4. Many agricultural products are prohibited from entering the US due to the fact they may contain insects and diseases that could pose a risk to crops, animals and people in the US. Many other countries also have this policy however the list of what you can and cannot import varies from county to country and the local embassy will be able to provide you with this information.
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